Design Philosophy

As design professionals we are committed to creating environments that connect people and serve communities. We realize our responsibility is to design spaces that respond to the needs of the occupant rather than our own individual ideals. We differ from most in the profession in that at the end of the day our measure of success isn't by awards and publications but by the satisfaction of our clients.

Our design philosophy is not rooted in a particular "style" or imagery. Instead, our design process is born from the relationships between the client's ideas, the use of spaces they want to create and the site they have chosen to build on. As designers, we aspire to take the time to listen to our clients and produce responsive designs to their individual needs. We have experience in sustainable design and look for opportunities in our projects to introduce energy efficient features into our design solutions.

Connectivity between the building and the site plays a significant role in our design approach. We utilize building and site relationships that maximize the advantages of solar orientation, accessibility and other variables that affect a building's performance. Our process combines architecture and landscape in a rich combination of functional spaces designed with a meaningful connection to the exterior.

Management Approach

Our approach is somewhat unique for an architectural firm of our size and experience. No matter whether it's a $100,000 or $20,000,000 project we make a commitment to provide consistent leadership from a Firm Principal from beginning to end. Most firms serve their clients by passing project responsibilities along an assembly line from the marketing team to designers and then onto construction specialists. While the common approach may be more efficient and profitable, we enjoy being "hands on" Architects and manage our workload to so that we can lead all phases of our projects and be accessible to our clients. We honestly can say "what you see is what you get" and we are convinced this approach has been invaluable to the success and quality of our work.

Construction Administration

Upland Design Group has always believed that strong leadership for all projects is essential to ensure a successful end result. This begins with a principal of UDG leading all projects from initial project programming through the end of the warranty period. This leadership is not just in name but is a very "hands on" approach. This assures our clients of the best experience that we can offer. Our principals average more than 25 years as project architects and have experienced the wide range of construction delivery methods on the market, from construction management to hard bid. We are very familiar with the construction market in our market area and perhaps more important the contractors know UDG and the quality of our construction documents. This leads to fewer questions during the construction period resulting in few Change Orders. This approach to all projects has been the foundation of UDG since our beginning in 1977 and led to more than 900 successful projects.


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