Winfield Elementary School is a 47,465 square foot K-8 facility constructed for a 400 student occupancy. The design intent of Winfield Elementary School focused on having the administrative core at the center of the building. All visitors enter into the lobby where the administrative staff has control of guests before they can go further into the building. Also in this core are general function spaces that are used by all students. These spaces include a library, computer lab, multipurpose/ art/music room and teachers workroom. With the functions centralized, students have less distance to travel through the building, which means less noise and distractions in the classrooms.

The Cafeteria and Gym can be separated from the classrooms wings by a pair of lockable doorways for after hours control. By having the public "noisy spaces" removed from the classrooms, less distractions affect the teachers and students. The Cafeteria has a raised stage area for presentations and after hour events.

Two classroom wings radiate from the administrative core. Kindergarten and the lower grades occupy the north wing while fourth through eighth grades occupy the east wing. Grouping the classrooms in the arrangement allows for age appropriate separation. Each classroom has built in casework for storage.

Winfield Elementary is a good example of quality budget driven school construction. In 2005 it was selected as the TSBA's School of the Year for Excellence In Architectural Design.

Winfield Elementary School

Scott County, Tennessee

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