White County planned the Middle School to replace their old Junior High containing grades 7 & 8 and also to bring the 6th Grade in from six County Elementary schools. This one new school alleviated overcrowding problems county-wide. The school was planned for 1000 students so there was opportunity to provide diverse spaces and curriculum. Features included dining space with a 300 seat retractable bleacher, large gymnasium, Music Room, Art Room, Science Demonstration Labs and today even has an Auxiliary Gymnasium. The Comprehensive Development Classrooms are grouped as a suite.

The site was graded for development of team sport fields. The site is located 1/4 mile from the White County High School so that transportation was kept efficient.

The facility is designed with cost efficiency as a goal for first cost and maintenance. Simple user control of the heating and cooling controls has resulted in functional efficiency.

Since the school brought together 5th graders, the plan provided for one wing to house the 5th grade so that the children could be team taught. Grade groupings allow for schools within schools to develop. With a good administration housed in the core, the facility brings the County students together comfortably.

White County Middle School

Sparta, Tennessee

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