Volunteer First (VolFirst) is a telephone, internet and digital TV provider. Their facility in Crossville consists of two buildings: an office / training facility (4,600 sq. ft.), and an operations building (1,800 sq. ft). The office building contains a lobby with area for payments, drive-thru, sales area, conference room, offices, training room, engineering room and kitchen / breakroom. The operations building and its adjoining secured parking lot house all the fiber optic equipment, generators, battery backups and the installation vehicles. Special consideration was needed to bring all of the fiber optic wiring from the street to the rear of the site where the operations building is located. Special construction was required inside the building to allow the owner's equipment adequate support to pull and handle large and heavy runs of wire. The site was laid out to allow for a future vehicle building within the secured fencing of the operations building.

Volunteer First Office and Operations Center

Crossville, Tennessee

Phone: 931-484-7541
Fax: 931-484-2351
CROSSVILLE OFFICE: 362 Industrial Blvd. Crossville, TN 38555