In the Fall of 2003, the Cumberland County Board of Education determined the need to add a second high school to alleviate overcrowding at their existing 2,000 student facility. Upland Design Group was selected as the architect for the project which was the largest construction project undertaken by Cumberland County to date. The end result was Stone Memorial High School opening it's doors on schedule in August of 2006 within the approved budget and with no non-owner requested change orders. The following November the Tennessee School Board Association (TSBA) selected Stone Memorial High School as the first place recipient in the High School of the Year competition.

The design for the 236,250 sf. facility was organized by an efficient axial layout that included a main two story wing which housed the core academic and administrative spaces. The building program included an arts and athletics wing (includes a 1,200 seat auditorium space and a full size 2,200 seat gymnasium with an auxiliary gym dedicated to volleyball and wrestling) and a 31,250 sf. vocation wing. The site design included fully developed athletic facilities such as 5,500 seat football complex, a softball and baseball complex, a soccer complex, tennis courts and associated practice fields.

The composition of exterior materials and form reflect the Community's desire for the building to have a dignified traditional presence. Drawing inspiration from an abandoned high school in town, UDG thoughtfully created a "school house" character of which Faculty, Parents and Students are proud.

Stone Memorial High School

Crossville, Tennessee

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