The Homestead Branch is the second Progressive Savings Bank Branch built in Crossville. The single story 7,500 square foot building is located on the east side of Crossville along HWY 127 in the historic Homestead Community. The building design includes a spacious lobby and reception area, teller space with visual separation between drive-thru and walk-in, loan offices, conference room with waiting area and general support spaces.

This project became the prototype for the functional arrangement and material detailing on more recent PSB buildings. The traditional feel and appearance of the Branch is in keeping with the vision and roots of the PSB organization.

Progressive Savings Bank Homestead

Crossville, Tennessee

Phone: 931-484-7541
Fax: 931-484-2351
CROSSVILLE OFFICE: 362 Industrial Blvd. Crossville, TN 38555