The Progressive Financial Center in Cookeville is a 22,000 square foot two story facility located in the highly visible chain restaurant district of Cookeville. The building provides banking, insurance and wealth management services under one roof. Internally, the building was conceived around a two story atrium lobby which provides natural light, movement and interaction to the different business services.

Each floor has 14 offices which feature both interior and exterior glazing. The beautiful interior glass and wood window walls are a constant design standard that UDG has maintained on all of Progressive's banks. A 1,000 square foot meeting room is located on the second floor and is accompanied by a professionally designed support kitchen.

The second floor also features a stately president's office with a loft apartment overlooking the atrium. Overall the building's contemporary design reflects a slight departure from the other Branch Banks, but fits well within the lite urban context. The custom wood detailing throughout the interior of the building establishes a rich and cohesive architectural vocabulary from space to space. The interior forms, material and lighting create a true "Progressive" ambience that is evident the moment you walk through the front door. On the exterior, the signature limestone and glass entrances shape a powerful iconic pathway into the building.

Progressive Savings Bank

Cookeville, Tennessee

Phone: 931-484-7541
Fax: 931-484-2351
CROSSVILLE OFFICE: 362 Industrial Blvd. Crossville, TN 38555