Morgan County's 911 facility's design incorporated the features of the site to allow access to the basement with minimal additional site work and cost. The basement area became key to the overall design and how the building relates to the site. One of the main purposes of the basement is to create a secure area for hazardous material cleanup and disaster response equipment. With a drive to a rolling overhead access door to the basement, response vehicles can be driven into the basement for loading and unloading. This allows for loading of the vehicles regardless of the weather. Plumbing has been planned to handle future toilet areas for future additional emergency response offices. On the main level, all the functions center on the dispatch room that connects to an emergency operations center that can allow personnel to direct emergency efforts from a central area.

Morgan County 911 Communications Center

Morgan County, Tennessee

Phone: 931-484-7541
Fax: 931-484-2351
CROSSVILLE OFFICE: 362 Industrial Blvd. Crossville, TN 38555