Jackson County needed to replace an aged Middle School housed in the old multi-storied High School. The new site utilizes small acreage adjacent their current Jackson County High School. Recreational space was limited but the location allowed for sharing of school amenities.

The facility was designed to accommodate 650 pupils in grades 4-8. Wings were developed to supply grade group identity while respecting both self-contained and departmentalized classes. Common areas are accessible by all students but can be easily isolated for community use.

The cafeteria is supplied with a set of retractable bleachers to transform the dining area into a presentation space. The speakers' platform is also used as supervisory space.

The facility was planned to meet a low first cost budget while considering ease of maintenance for the life of the facility. Classrooms are heated and cooled with thru-wall unit heat pumps while larger spaces were provided the economy of gas roof top units.

Functional provisions for storage and a compact efficient design along with the total masonry exterior, without extravagant aesthetic embellishment, results in a value conscious school for Jackson County.

Jackson County Middle School

Gainesboro, Tennessee

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