Tennessee Tech has provided a vital facility for a diverse user group lead by the Agricultural College and farming community. Hyder/Burks Agricultural Pavilion not only serves as a laboratory to Ag students but is scheduled for 40 to 50 events annually for diverse functions. A rodeo, cattle show, craft sale or other event is accommodated on a nearly full schedule.

The first facility completed was the Livestock Shed with the Sales Arena. This facility was put in use years in advance of the large assembly space, and featured livestock penning, sales arena, toilets and student apartments for facility caretakers.

The Arena was developed as part of the major Pavilion project. Seating for 2,500 is provided in the 2/3 amphitheater arrangement. Toilets and concessions rooms along with office and meeting spaces fill the mezzanine level while the Arena floor level ties to the earlier Livestock Shed. The special "modified earth" floor of the arena can be worked up for livestock events or rolled to a hard walking surface.

Hyder/Burks Agricultural Pavilion is a "Regional Workhorse" for Tenn. Tech. and for the Community as a whole. University, Regional and National events are hosted in a versatile multifunctional facility designed with function and sustainability in mind.

Hyder Burks Agricultural Pavillion

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