The new Centertown Elementary School replaces an older facility that was undersized and in desperate need of renovation. The Warren County School Board had a number of options from a complete renovation to a new facility at any number of potential sites. Very early in the analysis of the school's existing facilities and current needs, it was determined that the existing building would not handle the school population and the future growth expected. The Architect along with the School Board and members of the community looked at a number of potential sites. Centertown has an abundance of land that would meet the needs of the school system without moving the school far away from the existing community. Multiple site studies were conducted including the use of the existing site with additional property to meet the building size demands. Traffic and vehicle stack space along with a beautiful view eventually narrowed the choices down to the current site. This site allows for future additions, playgrounds and baseball fields without crowding the parking and septic fields.

A long, beautiful tree-lined drive is the primary entrance to the school. This long drive can completely accommodate the vehicles of parents lined up to drop off or pick up their students without interfering with traffic on Highway 70. It can double as additional parking during special events. The layout of the site separates bus and car traffic to allow simultaneous loading and unloading from each.

The building is laid out with the main entrance at the center of the front facade. To gain admittance to the building, a visitor enters the Administration area through a security vestibule.

Centertown Elementary School

Warren County, Tennessee

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