The Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Geology and Physics labs at the Harriman Campus were the focus of this renovation.  To better suit the curriculum while allowing for maximum adaptability, these five labs were turned into three larger labs with additional storage spaces and a separate prep room with office.  Increased lab room sizes allowed for increase in a professor's ability to teach their respective subjects as well as providing ADA compliance.  The five labs and one additional room had flooring, ceiling, lights, and casework removed from exterior walls to the corridor wall.  New walls demarcate the new spaces.  New finishes, lights and casework were provided in all the new spaces.   Upgraded services and power to the new casework increased flexibility while better handling professors' needs.  In addition to the labs, the ceiling below the labs was removed and replaced to allow access for new plumbing, gas and electricity.

Roane State Harriman Science Lab Upgrades

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