For over 50 years, the Oneida School campus had been the heart of the community.  In 1991, it was decided to provide new facilities with 21st century capabilities without compromising the school’s established identity. 

The need to build on the same site required a phased building design allowing for the simultaneous occurrence of new construction, student occupancy and demolition on the same site.  Although phasing complicated both the design process and the construction process, the reuse of the site not only maintained the campus identity, it also reduced the project cost by affording no land purchase costs and continued use of existing athletic fields.

Another important factor in the design process was the desire to maximize the separation of the middle school and high school functions.  In order to maintain the identity and integrity of each, separate entrances, academic wings and administrative suites and student commons areas were provided.  Functions common to both age groups, such as food service, physical education, library, and music spaces created shared space forming a buffer.

The 2011 addition created a science wing and multipurpose room utilizing the natural slope of the site, allowing a two-story addition to work with the one-story existing building.  Like the 1992-1994 additions, the addition to the science wing required demolition of existing structures, working with school officials for planning, and designing in such a way to allow students to occupy the building and the site while construction was in progress.  Also, the size of the cafeteria was increased to accommodate a larger number of students.

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