After structural issues were discovered at the existing high school gym, Cleveland High School needed a replacement gym.  The solution was to tear down the existing gym and lower level weight room and mechanical spaces and build back in the same location.  The design incorporates the natural fall in the site to create a two story new gym facility of approximately 58,400 square feet.  The new facility has approximately 2705 bleacher seats with 1 primary court, 2 perpendicular secondary courts.  An elevated running track rings the upper level.  Lower level includes multiple locker rooms:  2 team rooms and 4 wellness locker room.  Six classrooms are incorporated into the layout to increase academic functions within this section of the building.  Variable function sound system allows for a multitude of events further increasing the usability of the space.

Currently the building is under construction with anticipated opening date in early 2016

Cleveland High School Gym

Cleveland, Tennessee

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