With the impact of new high tech industry moving into the area, Cleveland City Schools determined the need for a new Science Wing at Cleveland High School. Upland Design Group worked with the School's Science Focus Group, Faculty and Administrators to define the objectives and goals for the project. Strong emphasis was placed on combining the lab and lecture areas to follow the recommendations of the National Science Teachers Association. The School Board requested that the design implement sustainable and energy efficient features that could be used as examples to teach and educate the students. The Community desired a new visual presence for the school from Raider Drive, so the new addition was targeted as that opportunity.

The design for the Science Wing Addition was heavily influenced by a natural daylighting strategy that involved solar orientation, exterior fenestration and sun shading. We like to think of this as designing the building from the inside out. The interior spaces of the building were organized and linked in a manner to afford higher sunlight levels into the spaces thus reducing the needs for artificial lighting. Another important design feature is the terraced courtyard used to accommodate exterior science experiments while at the same time providing daylight and views through the transparent corridor walls.

The lab/classrooms spaces were designed with an emphasis on lab instruction. The rooms were sized to allow for flexibility and potential adaptation to different teaching methods.

Cleveland High School Science Wing

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