American Bank & Trust wanted to open a new branch bank on the busy Willow Avenue in Cookeville, Tennessee.  The prime location was a relatively small lot with high visibility.  Part of the challenge of this project was to create a dynamic building that would catch people's eyes without sacrificing critical vehicle circulation required for the drive-thru.  This 3,884 square foot branch bank includes offices, teller space, separate drive-thru teller space, breakroom and meeting/training room.  The character of the lobby changes throughout the day as the natural light moves through a series of clerestory windows.  Interior glass walls for the offices create an open and inviting space while providing the required privacy.

American Bank &Trust - Willow Avenue Branch

Cookeville, TN

Phone: 931-484-7541
Fax: 931-484-2351
CROSSVILLE OFFICE: 362 Industrial Blvd. Crossville, TN 38555